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From Your Interim Pastor

Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Steve Weston. I was born and raised in the Seattle area. I went to college at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, majoring in math. After that I served four years in the US Air Force, the whole time stationed at a base near San

Antonio, Texas. From there I went to Luther Seminary in St. Paul, where I met my wife, Evelyn, who grew up in Hibbing. I was ordained in 1993 and have previously served parishes in the Northwestern, Southwestern and Northeastern Minnesota Synods. Evelyn was ordained in 2002. This will be my sixth time serving as an interim pastor.

We have three sons: Sam (24), Ben (22), and Jon (17). We currently reside in Babbitt, where Evelyn is serving as pastor of a two-point parish in Babbitt and Embarrass. I've had a variety of hobbies and interests at various times: chess, math, science, word and logic puzzles, canoeing, sailing, tinkering with computers and other electronic things, and most recently writing hymns. I

enjoy classical music and literature, which I realize puts me out of the mainstream of popular preferences, but I’m not big on conformism. Sometimes I miss the scenery of western Washington where I grew up (evergreen forests, mountains with glaciers, and water with tides) but I've grown to love living in Minnesota. I came to appreciate living in smaller communities only after I graduated from seminary. Apart from my internship year in an outer suburb of Omaha, I had never lived in a metropolitan area of less than a million people when we moved to my first call, a two-point parish in far northwestern Minnesota. Your council has, on your behalf, contracted with me to be your interim pastor while this congregation goes through a process of discernment in preparation for calling a new pastor. My role as your interim pastor, besides taking care of routine matters of worship, confirmation classes, visitation, etc., will be to help you folks make the best possible transition to the next phase of your ministry. If you want to be in touch with me at any time, my cell phone number is 218-404-5914, and my email address is steve.weston@ecunet.org. My cell phone plan has unlimited talk and text, so don’t worry about how many minutes your call might cost me.


This is an exciting time for Zion Lutheran Church, and perhaps a time of some tension and anxiety as well. I look forward to walking with you as you move ahead into the future God has in store for you.

Peace and blessings!

Pastor Steve Weston