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Important Messages From Bishop Aitken

Zion's Mission is:

"To Proclaim the Joy of Salvation Through Word and Sacrament"


Zion Lutheran Church has spent its first hundred years of history "reaching out in the name of Christ." In the second century, we reaffirm that we have been called in baptism to be partners with both Christ and the other Christians in this ministry of caring and sharing.  Like the One who leads us, we are called to be living reminders that God still loves the world even though the darkness of sin seems impenetrable and all-consuming.  We are called to "light candles in the darkness" as a reminder to the world that there is a God who loves us more than life itself despite our brokenness... A God who will make things whole... A God who gives life through Jesus, now and forever.

Zion Lutheran Church

Sunday Church Service Zion Lutheran ELCA 8/2/20

Posted by Zion Lutheran Church on Sunday, August 2, 2020

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